REVIEW: “Miss Julie”- A Slow, Awkward but Much Anticipated Intro to FAB Productions

Break The Proscenium

A NEW THEATRE COMPANY!!!! YESSSSS!!! Oh, pardon me was that too loud? In case you don’t know by now I am completely obsessed with theatre and when a new company comes on the scene my heart leaps… perhaps for no other reason than its existence value; knowing that it is there diversifying our theatre landscape to keep things interesting and keep actors busy. I have been awaiting the debut of Fab-Productions (named after its founder, 25 year old Farrukh Altaf Barlas) since they held auditions for Eajmah to see what they’re all about.  Farrukh is from Pakistan so I’m very curious to what influence he may bring to our local scene. For whatever reasons, Eajmah did not reach the stage unfortunately,  but on 18th December 2014, the company introduced itself to the theatre going public with August Strinberg’s 1888 naturalistic play, “Miss Julie”. It is…

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