KAMLAGEDDON…….Please just Call Elections NOW!!!

The People Partnership Government has brought the International image of my beloved country through the mud…no, more like through the horseshit.

I don’t know why our honorable (and I only use the term out of respect for the office and not the office holder) Prime Minister doesn’t spare the country the unnecessary turmoil. CALL ELECTIONS NOW!

FOUR major cabinet reshuffles

Countless allegations of corruption (section 34; emailgate to name the major ones – not including this investigation into allegations of perverting the course of justice by our ATTORNEY GENERAL!!)

FIFTEEN ministers fired

THREE ministers resigned

Months before a general election is due…..just CALL THE ELECTIONS NOW!!!!!!

I would go into the details of all the reasons and corruption allegations which would lead me to call for the election date to be revealed but I have work to get back to. Read the newspapers on any given day during their term thus far. Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, you all know how much we have had to put up with from this government………demand the election date now!

Join in the call. CALL ELECTIONS NOW!


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