This Weekend at the Theatre – Twist of Fate/Faith RELOADED

Kingdom Arts and Performances will be showing their production at Queens Hall this weekend.

This weekend Kingdom Arts and Performances will be showing it’s original piece entitled Twist of Fate/Faith RELOADED .

Showing from April 22nd to 24th at Queens Hall, this is a tale of four school friends facing everyday decisions and challenges. The twist comes when God intervenes and changes  their lives and fate to faith.

Tickets can be bought at:

Kristina’s POS and St. James
Kris n Tony’s Long Circular Mall
Ainsley Trincity Mall
The Port Restaurant One Woodbrook Place

Tickets cost $200

Showtime April 22nd to 24th:
8pm on Friday and Saturday
6:30pm on Sunday

Introducing: Ms Abby Kay ~ A woman in transition

When you have to be everything, something may slip from your grasp. You become what the old people call, A Jack of All Trades (Master of None). Well I’m here trying to defy the odds. I’m based in Trinidad and Tobago (that’s in the Caribbean for those of you who don’t know). I love life, I love my life. It’s filled with struggles but it is also blessed. I consider it my responsibility to speak up on important issues and I am very opinionated.

Ms Abby Kay is the successful alter ego I created for myself since I was about 5 years old. When I played ‘shop’ or ‘school’ or anything really, I was always Ms Abby Kay. Ms Abby Kay is the side of me that WILL be successful, the business woman, the academic, the mother, the lover, the daughter, the sister, the friend. She epitomizes the many facets associated with the ideal woman. She is the me that I strive to be. All the parts of me that I love and all the parts of me that I am correcting, she is my guiding light. The voice of this blog is the voice of the transition of a girl becoming a woman, of a woman becoming a better woman. This blog is Ms Abby Kay coming to the fore, blooming and weathering the storm.

Why Blog Publicly and not keep a Private Journal?

Sometimes you need to shout from the rooftop. Not because you need people to hear what you’re saying but because you just really need to shout. Sometimes however you do need people to hear what you are saying. Either way, writing this blog is my metaphorical shout from the roof top, plus blogging is more socially acceptably and Ms Abby Kay is a lady.

What topics will I write about?

On being AWESOME!!! Life, Theater, Etiquette,  Love, Work, Inspirations, Sport, Politics. Anything and Everything.

Who would I like to connect with?

Anyone trying to reach a goal, trying to defy the odds. Anyone who enjoys life, who wants to maximize their days and improve the quality of their life.

Within the year what would I like to accomplish by this blog?

To see some personal growth, to have been able to help others achieve personal growth or to just open the eyes of anyone reading to the many different facets of life that they may be missing out on.

Why read what I blog about?

Because I may need you, the reader, along my journey to becoming a greater, better more successful person. Because you may need me, so you don’t feel alone in your everyday struggle. Because it may have important information for you to read or share. Because you just may find it enjoyable.

So I’m open to meeting hearing from the readers and if you want an opinion on something or have an opinion you want to share, just comment. It will be read.

Until next time.

Chin up; Chest out; BE AWESOME


Ms Abby Kay

How I motivate myself to work everyday

We’ve all experienced those moments. You know which one I’m talking about. The ” I don’t want to work anymore” feeling. When dragging yourself out of bed seems almost impossible, your body feels extra heavy, the bed hugs you tightly, the weather is beautiful, hmm…beach day maybe??

Sometimes we give in, but most times you have to get up and get to work. Here’s a list of things I tell myself to get motivation to go to work.


Not every day I feel like going to work but when I think about my bills and responsibilities and the fact that many are unemployed.


Throw in the fact that with the dropping oil prices Trinidad may see an economic recession, especially in my sector (Construction) I feel blessed to have a job and get my a$$ up and go to work. I need to save in the event that I lose my job due to the economic landscape of the country.


Then when I remember that long vacation at university when I didn’t work. I was bored out my mind after the first week. Having lots of time and NO money……sorry folks, I am not about that life. There’s something but that feeling where you’re exhausted but feel fulfilled because you know you were doing something meaningful that uses your body and brain. Its detrimental to your soul to not feel useful. (of course a bad job is just as detrimental to your soul as no job, but that’s for another time)


I like quality things and eating out at classy restaurants. (Never mind that at the moment my salary and budget and monetary goals don’t allow for some of those luxuries. I’ll get it eventually while working and probably will never get them if I don’t work.) Prices everything is going up that’s how I know I need to GET UP.


No really, this isn’t the government. Private companies don’t play. You miss work and it’s not a sick day or taken from your vacation leave, then they will cut your pay. My budget is tight enough as it is, I can’t afford to be taking unnecessary pay cuts.


I waited a while to become an engineer, worked a number of small jobs and worked at a job I wasn’t happy at, all biding my time to become an engineer. So now, I’m not going to give up what I worked for all because I’m feeling lazy one day. Now, it doesn’t matter what you do, if you like your job then you need to stop making petty excuses and get up and go to work. (And if you hate your job, there are still a whole list of other reasons to get to work)

So, those are a few of the reasons I use to get myself off the bed and get ready for work. What are yours??

Does Making New Year’s Resolutions Make Sense??

Now it’s that time of yea again: New Year’s Resolutions time. Time to reflect on the past year and set goals and targets for the year ahead. Let’s be real, anyone actually kept all their resolution? Anyone usually even cares much about them after January has passed?

Well I do care about them. Why? Because my resolutions are usually goals; goals which play a part in my overall life goals.

Now in the past they haven’t all been totally realistic and I haven’t kept them in my forethought constantly throughout the year, but the last few years I tried to; that’s when I realized that they were a bit unrealistic but I did get a couple items ticked off. So I would say that I pretty much have an alright grasp on how to keep up with new year”s resolutions all year round.

So this year, like every year, people make the usual resolutions: exercise, save…..blah, blah, blah. And every year these resolutions usually matter for only about a week, maybe a month. For us Trinidadians, getting in shape for Carnival is probably the only resolution we may tick to, and that is only because Carnival is early in the year and it really motivates us when we look at the costumes we spent so much  money on to parade around for those two days.

So if you’re going to make resolutions, make them realistic, make them matter.

Share with me some of your resolutions or how you feel about the whole practice of resolutions.

Cheers!!! And Happy 2015, May you achieve all that you work towards!!!

5 Silly Things That Really Should Not Bring Me As Much Joy As It Does:

We all have those little moments where we feel joy, or should I say pride, in the most silly of things. Things you know it’s actually kind of wrong to feel good about. Things that may make you realise just why PRIDE is one of the deadly sins. But in my attempt to keep it 100, I’m going to delve a little into the deep dark world that is my mind, and I’m going to share a few of my own secret conceited bitch moments.

And 5 of the silliest things I take pride in are:

  • Unlimited Data Baby!!!! – I actually just love when people ask if I have wi-fi where I am and I can say “No I have: Unlimited Data Baby (*in Austin Powers voice*)”. I don’t even use my internet that often, I don’t carry on constant chats on whatsapp or tweet or am on instagram…..nope I just like being able to search for information when I need it…and the look of envy from non-data having peeps.
  • Having an Engineering Degree – Ok the reality is that I’m not making the kind of money you expect Engineers to make (hey I’m now starting out) and my general finances not great yet either, my bank account not fat (yet). I have no husband/boyfriend and none in sight for the near future, and I have no children, I don’t own my own home or my own car, I don’t have land or a great wardrobe. In fact, I pretty much live like I did at university. So when I’m in those awkward situations where everyone seems to have a great perfect life and doing so much better than I am, I whip out the only real arsenal I have: My engineering degree. Mind you this only works well with non-engineers. In fact with none professionals – not doctors, lawyers and the like. So you’re getting married next month and have 3 cars and 2 kids and you just signed the lease on a house. That’s nice. Oh what am I doing? I’m an Engineer! —HA! Take that!…lmao. It’s conceited I know, and while I don’t think having an engineering degree makes me better than anyone, the fact that they think it makes me better than them is a definite plus for me.
  • Spitting Bullshit (and having people believe it) – Now I know you all agree with me on this one. When you know you spitting the world of BS but you’re doing it so well you not only convince the people you’re telling it to but almost even convince yourself. Now that is something to smile about. Conversely I also enjoy listening to other people spitting bullshit and having them think I buy that shit.
  • Booty Jumping – so I won’t go to the club and split and bounce and jiggle each side of my bumcee but it really causes me to smirk just knowing that hey, I can do that too….probably even better. HA! (ok so maybe not that great but I’m good enough for me)  But I’m sure most women out there love jumping their booties in private 🙂
  • Making bad things sound like a God-sendThis almost goes back to Spitting Bullshit. But it’s a finer art…..Friend feeling down about having a shitty job….you convince her that the job is just what she needs in her life to get to where she needs to be in life. Technically it might be true, hey as long as it makes her feel better, you’re good! I personally love to see the brighter side to bad situations and I feel really good when I can make other people do the same (even when I don’t believe it myself).

So there it is 5 really silly things I find joy in. What’s some of yours?