How passionate are you ?

I started reading a book called fight for your dream. In the book you are encouraged to discover yourself and your passion. Now while this activity isn’t new to me, I decided to try and actually answer each question.

With each question and the introspection required to answer it, I find myself consumed with emotion. Emotions because I want it so bad because I think about not having gotten there yet and not seeing a clear path to get there it yet I’m absolutely convinced that I must get it, that my spirit will never find true peace without it.

The first time I felt such passion for a dream, it scared me. It scared me because I know that there is no way that I could just get it…. Life doesn’t work like that, life tests you…. And trying to achieve a dream is one of its biggest tests. Things happen that threaten to destroy your spirit, it threatens to destroy your beliefs and your resolve. It is how we face these threats that ultimately decides if we are worthy of not just achieving our dreams but holding on to it.

Now there are many things that can keep us back from what we desire, maybe it wasn’t meant for us, maybe we didn’t want it as badly as we thought, maybe we meet an untimely death, maybe our desires change with time and experiences. But how will we feel if what we want is denied to us because of us?

This is why I ask HOW PASSIONATE ARE YOU? Are you willing to face the challenges, fight the odds, dedicate the time effort and energy it requires? Are you willing to face your family and friends trying to encourage you to do something more ‘practical’?

Most importantly, are you willing to fight yourself for your dreams? Face your inner demons? Stifle your doubts? Wrestle with your fears? Go to war with your weaknesses?

Are you willing to take the time to nourish your strengths or grow your mind? Are you willing to set aside your ego and arrogance to empty yourself of what you think you know to become what you need to become?

This book I mentioned earlier highlighted my greatest fear. It said you need to find out what your next dream will be otherwise you are sentencing yourself to a life of mediocrity.

Living a mediocre life terrifies me because MEDIOCRITY IS THE DEATH OF GREATNESS!

So how passionate are you? Are you going to live each day filled with passion and pursuing your dreams or are you going to be just another walking dead?

You know my words…
Chin up
Chest out


~~~Ms Abby Kay ~~~

Trying to make it

When you grow up financially challenged, seen so your parents struggle to keep it all together. Struggle to keep you fed, struggle to pay the bills, struggle to pay the rent.

When you know their dream is to own their own home and felt it so strongly it became your dream too. 
When you grow up and you start facing the same struggles but you’re convinced that you can do better.

So you study hard, mainly because your parents worked their asses off so that you could. You get a good job, you try to save.

But at every turn, every single time you start to feel like you’re up….. Something just has to come around and knock you back down.

Every time!  And it happens to almost everyone you know well. Yet there are so many others who just seem to be getting through just a little bit better than you. Hell who am I kidding, they are getting through a hell of a lot better than you.

You feel a heaviness, a burden on your shoulders….. All the damn time. Or so it seems.

You’re ready to give up. Seems like the world has turn it’s back on us.

Well SCREW YOU, WORLD!!  Challenges gonna have to turn around and look you in your face soon enough. Because you will NEVER give up! 

That feeling, that defeated feeling….. It’s just for now because the shit is getting hard again and the challenges are piling up.

But you had so many moments when you felt blessed beyond comprehension….. Blessed because you had family who would never see you sick or hungry or even lonely. Blessed because your friends never let you stay down for long and because they sometimes believe in you more than you believe in yourself.

Blessed because you can help out your family even when you are struggling yourself. And even though you wish you could do more, be more, have more….. As long as you remember that you are blessed to be surrounded by love and have a plate of food and some kind of shelter…… Everything else gonna fall into place.

You just gotta keep working towards it without forgetting all your blessings.

Count your blessings
Be someone’s blessing
Receive more blessings

Make that a cycle and you gonna make it…… This too shall pass!

Ms Abby Kay

Shoulders back,
Chin up,
Chest out,

Allow me to Re-introduce Myself

So you think you know me? Think I’m the same girl you knew last year?

Please….. I’m not even the same girl I was yesterday.

Every day I evolve. Every single day.

And no, I am not a schizophrenic. I’ve known someone with schizophrenia, it’s no joke.

I evolve every day because I learn every day. I learn more about myself, about life, about my profession. More about society and how I prefer to react to situations. I learn more about my personal style or how to better manage my hair.

It’s because I learn every day and because I want to learn every day, that I’m here, blogging ; connecting to you, whomever you may be.

I want to learn from you and share with you. But most importantly, I want to learn from myself; see the evolution of my mind and outlooks and perspectives.

I said in my first introduction that I may need you, but in the few months that I’ve been blogging, I realised….. I actually do NEED you!!

I want to improve my writing and become this truly awesome person that I created Ms Abby Kay to be.

So you know what?
No more being overly proper, I’m just going to say what I feel and think, no self imposed censor; and I’m going to ask for your help in understanding different perspectives. In determining different ways to approach different situations.

I will share with you my joys and my pains, and let you know that whatever it is that you may be going through, you are not alone, you got me. You may not like what I have to say but you got me. And I hope I can count on you too.

So, join me on my journey. Let’s be Awesome together….. Uncensored and uncut!

Much Love!
Ms Abby Kay

Journey to the 1% – Motivation Lacking!!

We’re on our journey to the 1%, it is our quest to be among the world’s most wealthiest.

Stop. Scratch that.

Is being among the world’s wealthiest really important??

Can’t I just get married, have babies and hope to be able to afford food and a great quality of life?

Shouldn’t I just strive to be HAPPY???

When the going gets tough, I start to think like that………..I just want to make love to life!!!

So not every day is a focused, goal driven day………let’s just try to keep these bad days to a minimum people.

Mediocrity is comfortable and when we get comfortable; we get complacent; and complacency is the death of greatness.

Remember that and NEVER get complacent. You were meant to be GREAT!!!

Journey to the 1% – Defying Mediocrity

A daily prompt inspired what will now be my weekly feature “Journey to the 1%”. This feature will be posted every Saturday and will focus on getting to the 1% status in life.

The 1% are the world’s richest and elitist. The real A-listers. Now my aim is not to get there for riches or fame, but because I genuinely believe that I was made for it. I believe I was made to run a multi-national conglomerate, travel the world and be blissfully happy. Now I may never end up in the world’s 1% but I definitely intend to be in Trinidad’s 1% by the time I’m 40 (I’m currently 26 and just in the lower middle class). My goals may seem far fetched but limitations exist only in our minds.

Now I’m told that we’re the average of the five people we spend the most time with, well whoever said that must not have heard about me. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that birds of a feather flock together but when you don’t have anyone around you who has achieved what you want to achieve for yourself, and its not because you just don’t fit in with them but because those people literally don’t exist where you are in your life at the moment. Well then you can say that means you weren’t meant to be in the 1%, what if instead you have many around you who will probably end up there or close to it in the future.

Ok, I know its sounds like I don’t believe the whole circle of five theory but I can see how they came up with it. I need only look at my circle and I could see that I am in fact a little bit of each of them.

HOWEVER, while I may be the average of the personalities, I will never succumb to having achieved the average of their success. I love my circle, however, the success I have planned for myself exceeds what they aim for, so I may find myself spending more time with different people but the best times I invest I believe will always be with these few. My circle’s ambition levels may be low for my liking but I will defy mediocrity.

Look for me in the 1%